Krystel (kristilyzed) wrote in bu_bears_2009,

wanted to ask again....

Sooo...i know i posted this a while ago already...but does everyone know which dates they are going for orientation...also if you're going to go to a line camp?

i'm going june 20-21
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I'm going to the June 23-24 session. I'd really like to go to a line camp, but I'm not sure that I can spend the money to do so. If I do end up going to one of them, I'll be going to the spiritual retreat!
yeah same here, i want to go so i'm trying to save up so i can pay for it...i'd like to go to the august fast track one though.
i think i'm going to that one too...i don't have my packet yet...but that was my first preference.

maybe we'll see each other! :)
I dont graduate until June 24th... then I have to rush my grad party and drive down to Texas the night of my grad party just to make an orientation! ..... they need to make some orientations in July, I am so stressed. Then I have to fly back up to NY, stay for a couple of weeks, and then make my way back down to Texas....
you could have went to an earlier one huh? like june 16? or something...
I'm going to the one in August. I really wanted to go to one of the ones in June, but it's just not possible. Why don't they have any in July? Even one would be nice...